About the Book

Girls_WATCH_ebook cover

Do you think you’re alone when it comes to being fascinated with pornography? You’re not. Dana Brown Smith is standing proudly next to you. She’s made the journey through fascination with porn.

The change came when she became aware that what started as simple titillation turned into more. She saw that women who viewed sexually explicit materials were ingesting images that promoted sexually deviant behavior and de-emphasized the belief in love, commitment, marriage, and family. As these realizations awakened, she looked for, found, and implemented methods for regaining control of her choices and her life. She did it consciously and deliberately—and what she learned can assist you, whether you’re just feeling guilty (she’ll assure you that’s not necessary), or you’re feeling trapped.

In Girls Watch Too! you will discover:

  • How familiarity breeds emulation when consuming pornography
  • The unintended and not-so-pleasant effects of pornography consumption on romantic relationships
  • How to identify and manage those “triggers” that lead to the desire to watch pornography
  • Ways to recognize and/or prevent teenage porn consumption with your children
  • Techniques for creating a climate of compassion if your spouse is struggling with porn
  • Methods for recognizing and overcoming a porn habit without judgment or condemnation

Filled with entertaining anecdotes, the book tackles a variety of issues ranging from the accessibility of porn, the business of porn, and the emergence of porn in the workplace to the influence of sexually explicit materials on our pop culture, cell phones, video games and social networking sites. It is solidly based on a foundation of experience and proven effective techniques. And in the unique bonus section you will learn how to utilize uplifting spiritual and scriptural tools and strategies to discourage porn consumption and maintain porn abstinence.

Far from a serious, clinical text, the tone is warm and conversational and tackles a difficult subject in an honest and non-judgmental way so that any woman who watches pornography can break free of the compulsion it may have over them.