Girls Watch Too! is an informative read that explores female pornography usage and its social and emotional impact. Backed with strong stats, Dana Brown Smith does a great job of connecting with her readers in a manner which feels authentic and transparent. The spiritually-grounded bonus section tops of a well written book that is sure to resonate with women struggling with pornography.”
– Craig Gross XXXchurch


“It’s an unknown truth that women struggle with watching pornography just like men. The lack of available resources that address this growing issue, coupled with the stigma placed on women, particularly Christian women, who are watching porn, make it extremely troubling to seek assistance. In Girls Watch Too! Dana Brown Smith successfully grapples with these social realities expertly guiding the reader into a non-judgmental awareness of pornography’s effect on relationships, marriages, and spiritual well-being. Girls Watch Too! is a timely resource for any woman struggling with pornography and searching for a book that provides practical guidance for recovery.”
– Deborah Smith Pegues, Bestselling author, 30 Days to a Stronger, More Confident You,


“An excellent contemporary exploration of an ancient dilemma, Girls Watch Too! is full of great resources including sage advice for parents. Dana Brown Smith shares her story and clearly provides wisdom to those who need help.”
– Patty De Dominic, Founder International Women’s Festivals


“I read the book in four days which is kind of hard for me to do these days with how slammed I am. HOLY COW! I feel like my bubble has been shattered! I applaud your efforts in being a voice of hope and change, for speaking candidly and with a voice of compassion and concern. Your book will be such a boon to those seeking help and it is such a delightful, captivating read. I love how you included the spiritual content at the end of the book and give the reader the option to end or continue. The message of Girls Watch Too! is a powerful reminder that the Lord can deliver us from destructive behaviors, attitudes and addictions that we are powerless to overcome without His atoning grace.”– Janelle Page


Girls Watch Too! Gives a revealing insider view of the world of pornography from a woman’s perspective. Dana Brown Smith brings this important topic out from the dark places of the heart into the Public forum for a needed discussion. Her approach is refreshing, practical and informative. Her fact based analysis of the destructive power of pornography is convincing.

Dana’s sharing of her personal story is authentic and very believable. Men and women alike, would benefit from reading her personal accounts. This book is a useful tool for life changing conversations in class rooms, homes, Church small group gatherings, with close friends and for use on a personal level.

Dana’s bold declaration that Freedom is possible over pornography brings hope to many who are looking for real help. I recommend this book to anyone searching for a honest solution to a growing problem which is destroying many lives, marriages and families.

I thank God for Dana’s courage to share her journey so many others can find a new beginning and live for God’s purpose.”
– Pastor Ed Smith, Zoe Christian Fellowship